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Issue 19, Jul 2018

Singapore's Urban Story: What's Next

From overcrowded slums to a gleaming, green metropolis: Singapore’s urban development has been a remarkable tale of farsighted planning, dedication and determination. This special issue of Ethos explores how Singapore’s cityscape is set to evolve in the near future, and what it could mean for the way we live, work, connect and play in the 21st century.

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Alvin Pang

Singapore’s urban solutions are the outcome of efforts to address and overcome prevailing, complex constraints through unique approaches.


Developing a Liveable and Sustainable Singapore

Toh Boon Kwan

Singapore’s developmental success is underpinned by principled approaches to the ubiquitous challenges of urban governance.

Developing a Liveable and Sustainable Singapore teaser

Integrity: Fundamentals for Singapore's Governance Success

Ng Li Sa, Ong Toon Hui, James Wong

More than just creating honest, clean government, integrity as wholeness and working together as one united Service will ready Singapore for the future.


Connecting to the World: Singapore as a Hub Port

Christl Li

Singapore’s success as a major global maritime hub is the result of bold vision, national determination, and assiduous planning.

Connecting to the World: Singapore as a Hub Port

Public Transport Planning and the Technological Revolution

Lee Chuan Teck

A paradigm shift in public transport is on the horizon, but the right ecosystem of policies, regulations, infrastructure, and skills must first be in place.

Public Transport Planning teaser

The Future of Heartland Living

Cheong Koon Hean

Innovations in hardware and heartware shape the design of Singapore’s next-generation residential towns.

The Future of Heartland Living

Successful Ageing: Progressive Governance and Collaborative Communities

Teoh Zsin Woon, Kharina Zainal

The Ministry of Health’s Deputy Secretary (Development) shares perspectives on embracing Singapore’s coming demographic shift.

Successful Ageing

Reimagining Singapore: Placemaking through Arts and Culture

Rosa Daniel

Upgraded infrastructure and creative programming enliven the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods, as it aspires to become a global cultural hub.

Reimagining Singapore

Co-creating the Rail Corridor's Future

Tan See Nin

Broad hands-on community engagement has led the design and planning process for a significant stretch of former railway land.

Co-creating the Rail Corridor's Future

Growing a Biophilic City in a Garden

Kenneth Er

The greening of Singapore is the outcome of decades of commitment, sound planning, and strong community partnerships.

Growing a Biophilic City in a Garden