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Digital Issue 4, Apr 2019

ETHOS Digital Edition Issue 4

Public service work is complex but also collaborative. We do better by working with others and by learning from their experiences and perspectives. In this issue of ETHOS Digital Edition, we have gathered a number of conversations with public sector veterans who share their insights gleaned from working on areas of interest to not just Singapore but also governments around the world.

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Editorial Digital Issue 4

Alvin Pang

In this issue of ETHOS Digital Edition, public sector veterans from around the world discuss the future of governance in the digital age. Also, our more experienced colleagues share quick tips on how to do better at work in a new feature: PRO TIP.



Kampung Admiralty: Building for All Ages

Yap Chin Beng

In an interview with ETHOS, Yap Chin Beng, Senior Advisor, HDB, shares his insights on building Singapore's first "Vertical Kampung".

Kampung Admiralty (op)

Strategy and Stewardship in a Time of Change

Sirpa Kekkonen, Stephanie Foster

Speaking with ETHOS on two separate occasions, Australia’s Stephanie Foster and Finland’s Sirpa Kekkonen reflect on what their governments are doing to be adaptive for the future.

Strategy-stewardship (op)


Community Care Through Collaborative Leadership

Tan-Wu Mei Ling, Gary Lim, Lim Kar Yee

Partners in the NEICP reflect on how they have come together to help vulnerable children in their community in an integrated and holistic manner.


Roundtable: New Challenges, New Horizons

Alaa Youssef, Zamani Saul, Serey Chea

In this edition of the Ethos Roundtable, participants of the 11th Leaders in Governance Programme reflect on the challenges of an increasingly diverse citizenry and how a younger generation of public officers must avoid complacency while sustaining trust in government.


Pro Tip

How to Manage a Team for the First Time

Jason Bay

Jason Bay suggests ways to approach the daunting task of becoming a team leader or manager for the first time.

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