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Issue 20 January 2019, Jan 2019

The Future of Ageing

Rising affluence and scientific advances have allowed an unprecedented number of people to live longer, healthier lives the world over. But population ageing has also raised new economic and social concerns. How might the narrative of ageing be reframed, in light of technological advances, changing expectations of work and retirement, and demographic shifts? Ethos #20 considers the future of ageing in Singapore, as it seeks to become a city in which citizens of all ages can feel involved, empowered and active.

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Editorial Issue 20

Alvin Pang

Our elders are not the problem, nor should they be passive recipients of society’s largesse. How can we ensure seniors remain involved, empowered and active?


Reimagining Productive Longevity

Kok Ping Soon

By increasing seniors’ productive capacity, strengthening the ecoysystem functional capacity and changing the social narrative, we can turn ageing from a societal liability to a productive asset for the nation.

Reimagining Productive Longevity

Lifelong Learning and Ageing: Evidence From Singapore

Sheng Yee Zher, Johnny Sung, Chia Ying

While age and educational background are key factors influencing our ability to learn, a recent study suggests that enabling technologies and learning methods can help seniors to go further.

Lifelong Learning and Ageing

Transforming Community Care in 2030

Nadine Chia, Melissa Khoo

Singapore is developing a networked community care system to meet the changing and varied needs of senior in a rapidly ageing society.

Transforming Community Care in 2030


From Ageing to Augmented Longevity

Hannah Chia

Even as governments around the world confront greying populations and their implications, advances in technology and medicine are extending lifespans and healthspans, challenging assumptions about what it means to age.

From Ageing to Augmented Longevity

Humanising Technology for Older Adults

Tan Tai Kiat

Technology can be of profound benefit to seniors and their supporters—but it has to be adaptable to individual needs and contexts to be truly useful.

Humanising Technology for Older Adults

Promoting Active Ageing through Virtual & Augmented Reality

Jung Younbo

A Nanyang Technological University team is developing simulation tools to help seniors learn important skills at their own pace.

Promoting Active Ageing through Virtual & Augmented Reality

Positive Ageing: How Can We Make It Happen?

Kalyani K. Mehta

Surveying current cross-sector efforts, a veteran gerontologist suggests ways to make Singapore an even more age-friendly city.

Positive Ageing


Age Is A Number

"I enjoy a quality of life that is not burdening myself, not burdening my family, not burdening society, and by extension, not burdening the nation. In fact, I’m contributing. I would like to have this dream job as long as possible." — John Franklin Siregar

John Siregar

Living with Independence and Purpose

Emi Kiyota

Ibasho founder Dr Emi Kiyota envisions a future where seniors enjoy a life of meaning and dignity—and make a difference in their communities.

Living with Independence and Purpose