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Issue 18, Jan 2018

The Future of Work

As technology advances, how will our ideas about work, employment, learning and leisure evolve? And what will it mean for the public sector? We gather perspectives from Gary A. Bolles, Peter Shergold, Max Everest-Phillips and other global thinkers, while Singapore's own Chan Chi Ling, Daniel Lim, Genevieve Ding, Andrea Phua and the Ministry of Manpower share insights from our public sector.

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Editorial Issue 18

Alvin Pang

The future of work is less about who gets to do the work, but what work is worth doing—and what tradeoffs should be made in so doing.


The Digital Work Economy and Our Human Future

Gary A. Bolles

Leading tech strategist Gary Bolles offers a balanced perspective on the impact of technology on jobs, institutions, learning and human development.



Governance Amid Technological Disruption: A Vision for an Agile Public Service

Daniel Lim Yew Mao, Chan Chi Ling

A more agile, iterative and inclusive approach to policymaking and problem solving can help the public sector keep pace with change.


Trends and Shifts in Employment: Singapore’s Workforce

Augustin Lee

Worldwide shifts in employment patterns may challenge the assumptions underlying current manpower policies.


Public Value through Private Partnerships: The Grab Story

Zafrul Hashim

A five-year-old technology platform is harnessing public, corporate and individual partnerships to transform urban Southeast Asia.



Public Service 4.0: What Might It Look Like?

Peter Shergold

Digitisation and robotic process automation will revolutionise public administration—but the outcome will depend on how we choose to use them.


Making Technology Work for Workers

Genevieve Ding

Technology, thoughtfully applied to complement and support the workforce, could deepen collective good rather than anxiety.


The Digital Social Contract and e-Legitimacy

Max Everest-Phillips

New institutions are needed to manage both the potential and risks of digital technologies that will reshape our societies and how they are governed.


Supporting Job Growth and Worker Prosperity in a New Era of Automation

Richard Dobbs, Eoin Daly

With the advent of advanced automation, governments have a critical role to play in responding to workforce transitions.


Navigating the New Economy: A Future that Works

Andrea Phua

Success in a changing world will demand more than technical skills: it will call for adaptability, empathy and a deeper sense of meaning.