Meet Our People

Meet the dedicated, talented and fun people who make CSC a great place to work.
Meet the dedicated, talented and fun people who make CSC a great place to work.

What Our People Say

We live our values and that shows in how our employees rate CSC in leadership, staff development and engagement. When we say CSC is a great place to work, you don’t have to take our word for it – just hear what our people say about us.

Supportive leadership

8 in 10

say senior management provides a clear sense of direction

Career development

9 in 10

see opportunities for personal development and growth

Engagement and motivation

8 in 10

feel engaged with CSC

Taking the Leap


Adeline Chin, Manager, CSC Applied Simulation Team (CAST), Institute of Public Sector Leadership

"Your life experiences help to enrich the work that you do."

Adeline juggles two different yet equally challenging roles. She balances her responsibilities in the milestone programme curriculum team with her work in developing and implementing policy games and simulations. "Even though it requires a bit more time, I don't really mind because it's so interesting," she explains. "Thankfully, my colleagues have been very supportive whenever I need to reprioritise."

Currently, Adeline is working on Public Service Orientation Kit (PSOK), a milestone project to redefine the induction experience for new public officers. Through mobile learning, PSOK aims to deliver relevant on-boarding materials and ensure that officers are well-prepared for the rigours of public service.

To unwind after work, Adeline watches Asian dramas. The pastime was how she met some of her close friends – through a fan meetup. "It took a leap of faith to go to the first meeting but I'm glad that I did. Otherwise it would have never happened." she muses. "That's the kind of thing I try to bring to my work as well — to just do things and try — because it's only when you try that you'll know."

The Change Agent


Douglas O'Loughlin, Senior Principal Consultant, Organisation Development Advisory

"At CSC, you will get to work with very professional and passionate people who are committed to making things better. I joined CSC for its public service ethos and professionalism — their drive to always want to do better. To experience that every day is really quite amazing."

As a senior principal consultant, Douglas helps organisations with change management, coaching, leadership and organisational development (OD). When the native New Yorker first came to Singapore over 25 years ago for a wedding, he never imagined he'd stay. But he was approached to consult on a few projects, started his own OD consulting company here, and eventually joined CSC after being impressed with the level of professionalism at the college.

At CSC, Douglas is proudest of his pilot project with the Ministry of Social and Family Development on helping vulnerable families to navigate government services. It was complex and challenging, involving multiple agencies and stakeholders, but also immensely satisfying. The project has benefited close to 500 families so far and is being extended. "We'll do what it takes to get the job done, and sometimes that can be a lot of work, but it is very rewarding," he says.

Douglas is so passionate about making a difference that he shares his expertise with non-profit organisations and civil societies on his days off. To take a break from his busy schedule, he occasionally goes on silent retreats. He says, "It's relaxing to not have to talk, and I appreciate how it helps my mind to reset."

Keeping Things Pitch Perfect


Muhammad Khairil Bin Sukor, Executive, Programme Management Team

"At CSC, you get to grow your network by meeting people from other departments and agencies. The CCAs also make it a fun place to be at, because there's always an event happening."

Khairil handles support and logistics for CSC's local and overseas programmes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly for all participants. What he likes most about his job is getting to meet people from different agencies, learning how they operate and expanding his network. He also appreciates the diverse experiences and opportunities at CSC. Within months of joining, he was given the chance to work on the ASEAN Cooperation on Civil Service Matters (ACCSM) conference. He met regional leaders and got an inside look into how they resolved civil service matters together.

"CSC gives you broad opportunities in terms of your job scope, perspectives and environment. You get to learn new things all the time," he says.

Off work, Khairil is quite the triple threat. A member of an acapella group, he showed off his pipes at a CSC National Day celebration and choreographed a flash mob for CSC's staff appreciation lunch. Perhaps most impressively, he has begun his first foray into acting. "Even though volunteering in a professional production is quite a heavy commitment, I'm lucky to have a boss that supports me," he says.

The Auditor on a Mission


Phua Chin Wan, Assistant Manager, Internal Audit

"My job here is more than just doing audits. I also give advice to colleagues who want to do something new, but aren't sure if their idea complies."

Auditors aren't always the most popular people in an organisation, but Chin Wan is on a mission to change that. As an internal auditor, he makes sure controls are in place so that things are done correctly and efficiently. But for him and his colleagues, auditing is a lot more than mere controls. "It is all about value adding and improving processes. It enables us to change outdated processes and work differently," he says. So, when his colleagues want to try something new, he gladly helps them out with sound advice so that they'll avoid any compliance pitfalls.

Outside work, Chin Wan is an avid runner. On Wednesdays, you might also see him out at the nearby park connector with the CSC running group. And if you do, feel free to come along. He says: "CSC is so friendly to anyone, you can just come and join us."