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Engaging Hearts and Minds: A Conversation about Learning Experience Design

Roundtable  -  Martin Hang, Daisy Koh, Lau Teh Wei, Lim Ee-Lon

Four seasoned practitioners share their perspectives on crafting immersive, learner-centred approaches that may lead to more enduring outcomes in and beyond the workplace.

LX Playbook


A playbook for designing learning experiences.

INN Facilities


The learning spaces are highly configurable and are created based on INN x CSC Design Principles

Who We Are


The heart of learning in the public service.

Learning at CSC


A fresh and immersive learning experience, anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Join Us


Building meaningful relationships. Discover your purpose. It all starts here.

library@chinatown - A Library with the People, for the People


How NLB engaged its key stakeholders and the community at large to co-create and jointly deliver this library.