Age Is A Number

"I enjoy a quality of life that is not burdening myself, not burdening my family, not burdening society, and by extension, not burdening the nation. In fact, I’m contributing. I would like to have this dream job as long as possible." — John Franklin Siregar

Date Posted

28 Jan 2019


Issue 20, 28 Jan 2019

Accept the limitations of old age, and negotiate around it. Don't run away from it, don't kick it under the carpet.

—John Franklin Siregar

At 87 this year, John is the most senior guide at the Science Centre’s “Dialogue with Time” exhibition, where he conducts tours and facilitates discussions on the future of ageing in Singapore.

At 75, John became a trainer with a workplace literacy programme run by Workforce Singapore.

If you want to work, you must stay current. You must embrace lifelong learning, so you’ll be relevant.

—John Franklin Siregar

John served in the police force for 26 years. A firm believer in maintaining an active mind and body, he introduced scuba diving to his colleagues and organised the First Police Academy Bi-Annual Chess Championship.

John Siregar - Age is a NumberJohn Siregar - Age is a Number

I believe that age is a number and our body is designed to move; so move, be active!

—John Franklin Siregar

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