Editorial Digital Issue 4

In this issue of ETHOS Digital Edition, public sector veterans from around the world discuss the future of governance in the digital age. Also, our more experienced colleagues share quick tips on how to do better at work in a new feature: PRO TIP.


Public service work is complex but also collaborative. We do better by working with others and by learning from their experiences and perspectives.

In this issue of ETHOS Digital Edition, we have gathered a number of conversations with public sector veterans who share their insights gleaned from working on areas of interest to not just Singapore but also governments around the world. 

Nancy Chahwan, from Canada, reflects on how the public sector can evolve to become more agile, inclusive and ready to serve a digitally-oriented society.

Australia’s Stephanie Foster and Finland’s Sirpa Kekkonen discuss how their governments are thinking about their work in an era of rapid, uncertain change where the need to pivot is as important as the need to plan for the long term.

Coming together to care for vulnerable children in their communities, key stakeholders of the North East Integrated Care Programme share how they bring authenticity, passion, and collaborative leadership to their common mission, which cuts across sectoral boundaries.

Yap Chin Beng, from the Housing and Development Board, shares insights on how the innovative integrated development Kampung Admiralty was designed to cater to the needs of all ages, and to promote more attractive, convenient and inclusive shared living.

We hear from veteran public servants from around the globe, who have attended Singapore’s Leadership in Governance Programme. They offer keen views on the future of governance in a diverse world, and how a new generation of public officers can take their societies forward. 

And finally, we introduce a new feature: PRO TIP, in which experienced public officers share their hard-earned personal tips on how to do better in our daily work. In this edition, Jason Bay suggests ways to approach the daunting task of becoming a team leader or manager for the first time.

As always, we wish you an engaging read and would love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions. 

Alvin Pang


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