For Training Coordinators

Find out how to manage your Training Coordinator account, register your officers for programmes and request for in-house training.
Find out how to manage your Training Coordinator account, register your officers for programmes and request for in-house training.

Managing Your Training Coordinator Account

Creating an Account

Email us at with the following information:

  • Name
  • NRIC
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Designation
  • Organisation


Update Your Agency’s Contact List

Email us with the updates.

Registering Your Officers for Programmes

Individual or Bulk Registrations

You can register up to 4 officers per agency for each programme. However, this number may change. Keep this in mind when registering your officers for programmes. We’ll contact you if we’re unable to accept all or some of your registrations.

Pro tip: You can also use the Individual or Bulk Registration function to register yourself for programmes.


Registration Closing Dates

Registration normally closes 5 working days before the start date, unless otherwise stated. If your officer chooses to register just before the closing date, you may need to facilitate the process, otherwise registration may not be successful.

If registration is not successful, email us at and we’ll let you know if the programme can accept more registrations.


Reviewing Your Officer’s Registration

When your officer registers for a programme, you have up to 3 working days to review and approve the registration request. Once you’ve approved it, your officer will be notified via email.

However, if you register on an officer’s behalf, you don’t have to review or approve the request.


Unable to Review Registrations in Time?

If you don’t respond to a registration request by the end of the second day, it will be routed to your Covering Officer. Both the officer and you will be cc-ed in the email to your Covering Officer.

Any registration request not approved after 3 days will lapse. To re-activate it, you’ll need to contact CSC.

Note: Only one Covering Officer can be assigned to each Training Coordinator.


Registration Status

We’ll email the officer and you about the registration status 2 to 3 weeks before the programme starts. If registration is successful:

  • The officer will receive a Course Placement Letter (CPL).
  • You will receive a CPL summary for each programme. It lists the officers from your agency attending the programme.

Note: Whenever possible, we will send the CPLs as soon as the programme is confirmed. In most cases, we can only confirm the programme 3 weeks before it starts.


Contacting Us

You can reach us in many ways. Find out more on our Contact Us page.

Attendance of Your Officers

Let Us Know They're Here

To let us know they're here, your officers simply need to scan NRIC, driving licence or staff pass at any of the kiosks conveniently located throughout CSC


What to Bring

Your officers just need to have any form of identification with their NRIC barcode on it, such as their NRIC, driving licence or staff pass. If the officers didn't bring any identification, they can manually enter their NRIC number at any of the kiosks.


Name Labels for Officers

After scanning, a personalised name label will be printed. For security purposes, your officers must display their name labels prominently at all times when in CSC. Name labels can be re-printed if requested (anytime between 8.00am to 5.15pm)


Sending a Replacement Officer

Please notify our Course Administrators of any replacement(s) at least 2 working days in advance. This will help us to better provide your officers with a seamless learning experience.


What the Replacement Needs to Know

All officers replacing their colleagues will need to have the following information:


  • Name of colleague being replaced
  • Title of the course or course code


This will ensure that the replacement is processed successfully.


Where to Get Assistance

We have placed self-help posters throughout CSC to guide your officers. If they require further assistance, they can approach the Trainers, Course Administrators or our Customer Service counter.


Replaced Officer Turns Up for Class

We will need you to validate the details. As soon as you have established who should attend the class, please advise both officers to approach the Course Administrator or Trainer for further assistance.


More Questions?

If you have any questions not covered above, you can refer to the information guides at or contact us at


Request for In-house Training

In-house Training

We offer in-house training programmes to meet your agency’s specific needs and challenges. You can choose from standard or customised in-house programmes.


Standard In-house Programmes

A standard in-house programme covers the same material as a normal programme. The advantage is that your organisation can choose the location and timing of the programme, and which officers to participate in it.

Most programmes have an in-house option. You can find the fee and requirements under the “In-house Information" section of each programme page.


Customised In-house Programmes

If your agency has specific work challenges, a standard in-house programme may not meet your needs. We can customise our programmes by working with you to analyse and determine your agency’s training needs.

If you’re keen, email the completed Training Needs Analysis (Word, 63KB) questionnaire to your Agency Engagement Manager.


Note: There’s a development fee for customised programmes. That’s in addition to the actual programme fee, which will be different too.


Class Sizes

The minimum and maximum class sizes for in-house training are fixed. We can still go ahead with a programme even if your agency can’t meet the minimum class size. In that case, we’ll base the programme fee on the individual officer's fee multiplied by the minimum class size.



Standard in-house programme Download our in-house course fee calculator (Excel, 326KB) to obtain a cost estimate. 
Customised in-house programme Contact your Agency Engagement Manager to ask for a cost estimate.


We can conduct in-house programmes at CSC or at a location of your choice, as long as heavy logistics or specialised equipment are not required.


You can reduce costs by having the programme conducted at your office. Use our course fee calculator (Excel, 326KB) to find out how much you could save.


How to Apply for In-house Training

Email your Agency Engagement Manager with the following:

  • Programme title
  • Course code
  • Preferred venue (CSC or your agency’s venue)
  • Preferred training period (please allow a lead time of 8 weeks)
  • Number of times you’d like to run the programme

We’ll respond within 3 working days.