Learning Experience Playbook

Ideas for bringing learning experiences to the next level
Ideas for bringing learning experiences to the next level

What's this Playbook about?


This Playbook is a guide for CSC's learning & development (L&D) Specialists and training partners to understand and apply Learning Experience Design (LXD) concepts in their training interventions. Whether you are new to L&D or an experienced practitioner in this field, there is something here to inspire you to design engaging learning experiences. 


What is Learning Experience Design?

"LXD is the process of creating learning experiences that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome in a human-centered and goal-oriented way."

Niels Floor, LXD Pioneer

Neils Floor's conceptualisation of LXD incorporates key design principles from multiple disciplines such as interaction, user experience, graphic, and game designs. Watch this 3-min video to get a glimpse of LXD.

LXD Intro

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In a nutshell, LXD is about...


  1. Learning
    LXD is more about crafting an experience, less about learning materials, classroom instruction, methods, and technology.

  2. Human centeredness
    Put the learner at the core of your learning design process. Seek first to understand what drives their intrinsic motivation. 

  3. Being goal-oriented
    Begin with the end in mind by formulating clear learning outcomes. Then use them as a basis to decide on the learning modalities, design of learning activities, and the choice of technology. 


*Eager to learn more about LXD? Head over to LXD.org to take a deep dive.


If you are new to the learning design process, click the button above to get started on the basics of crafting learning outcomes, selecting learning modalities and designing learning activities.

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Need ideas for your training programme? Explore our growing collection of activity ideas curated from established portals and CSC resources. These ideas come with guided instructions for you to easily incorporate into your learning design for physical, hybrid and virtual experiences.

Taking Learning Experiences to the Next Level


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The process of designing learning experiences does not end with creating learning activities. There is still plenty to discover about LXD such as the creative use of spaces.


We are beavering away at this section to expand our understanding of LXD. Do visit again for new content coming your way!

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