Discover Insights

Facilitate deep dive conversations to unravel new insights
Facilitate deep dive conversations to unravel new insights

Best Summary

Suggested duration: 60 minutes


Getting participants to summarise a presentation or a video is a good way to promote active listening and unravel new insights from each listener’s perspective. In Best Summary, teams will exchange and evaluate each other’s summary cards. In this process, they will identify key points and correct any misconceptions that surface.


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Discovery & Action Dialogue

Suggested duration: 25-70 minutes


A Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD) can be used to help a group to assume greater agency in understanding problems and derive solutions from exchanging personal insights with one another. The facilitator plays the catalytic role of encouraging conversations in a safe space, and need not be seen as the expert solution giver.   


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Emoji Story

Suggested duration: 30 min


Help participants to easily interpret data about users, context, problems and impacts by translating them into stories. In each short story, the most significant feelings in a user’s experience are filtered out and illustrated by emojis.


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Emotional Journey Mapping

Suggested duration: 20 minutes


An emotional journey map is used to visualise people’s emotional experiences through their interactions in various events and with products or services. This is typically used as part of customer journey maps to highlight new insights and pain points specific to businesses or processes. This can help you to understand the strengths to maintain and identify gaps where improvements should be made.  


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