Generate ideas and co-create solutions
Generate ideas and co-create solutions

Brainstorm Rules

Safe spaces for conversations are key for creative ideas to flow freely. In this set of brainstorm rules by, you will find seven simple rules to manage a brainstorm session. A short video clip is included to demonstrate how you may start a session. It’s highly recommended that these rules be printed on reference cards or put on a slide as a visible reminder to participants during an ideation session.

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Suggested duration: 30-40 minutes


Innovation happens as ideas are compiled from multiple contributors. However, it’s typical for more verbal team members to express their views the quieter members don’t get heard as often. Brainwriting allows everyone’s voice to be heard and new ideas to emerge.


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Dark Side

Suggested duration: 60 minutes


In Dark Side, everyone plays the devil’s advocate as they frame challenges as negative statements to force themselves to look at opportunities from a fresh perspective. They will think of as many negative solutions as possible before moving onto another round of discussion to generate positive ideas to counteract them. This is useful for generating new, creative ideas.  


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Draw Toast

Suggested duration: 30 minutes


Draw Toast can be used as a fun warm-up to your brainstorm session to introduce participants to the concepts of visual thinking and process mapping. Over a discussion about making a common breakfast item, participants get exposed to a diversity of solutions to reach an end goal. You may also pair this activity with a TED Talk about systems thinking (link in article).  


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Five Ideas

Suggested duration: 45 minutes


In Five Ideas, participants discuss ideas within their own teams before mingling with other teams to exchange ideas. This encourages them to view the same issues from multiple perspectives to understand the different challenges and needs of various teams/departments in an organisation. The end goal is to motivate different teams to collaborate in achieving common goals.


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Suggested duration: 60-120 minutes


Spark your brainstorm sessions with a bit of craziness with the mash-up technique which randomly combines ideas from different categories. While the ideas may not share any connections at first, participants will get creative in making meaning out of their mash-ups and turn random combinations with innovative ideas.


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