Issue Analysis

Understand complex situations and uncover new insights.
Understand complex situations and uncover new insights.

Draw Toast

Suggested duration: 30 minutes


Draw Toast can be used as a fun warm-up to your brainstorm session to introduce participants to the concepts of visual thinking and process mapping. Over a discussion about making a common breakfast item, participants get exposed to a diversity of solutions to reach an end goal. You may also pair this activity with a TED Talk about systems thinking (link in article).  


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Suggested duration: 10-15 minutes


Instead of asking participants ‘Any questions?’ and waiting for their responses at the end of a presentation, use the 1-2-4-All structured approach to make the sharing of reflections and insights more intentional. Move your participants from silent self-reflection, to generating ideas in pairs, to developing ideas further in foursomes, and finally each group shares their key ideas with all in class. An infographic to illustrate this process and a demonstration video are included in this article by Liberating Structures.


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Lightning Decision Jam

Suggested duration: 30-120 minutes


If you are stuck in a rut when managing a project that requires creative thinking, then this activity is for you to move your team into rounds of reflection and discussion to identify problems, discuss challenges and make decisions. Participants will progress from initial rounds of presenting challenges to the latter stages of turning solutions into actionable tasks.


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Stinky Fish

Suggested duration: 15-30 minutes


A stinky fish stands for something that becomes worse the longer you keep it hidden. This introductory activity promotes openness for participants to share about their anxieties, fears and uncertainties related to your discussion topic. Participants will grow comfortable with each other while sharing and identity areas for learning and improvements together. A link to a digital whiteboarding template is included in this article by Hyper Island.  


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What-So What-Now What (W3)

Suggested duration: 30-60 minutes


Help participants to reflect on their shared experiences in a way that builds mutual understanding and encourage them to coordinate plans for follow-up actions. Through progressive rounds of sharing, group members talk about their observations and then go through sense-making of implications based on the observed. Insights that are sifted from every group member’s sharing are used to shape new direction. A demonstration video and collateral material are included in the link below.


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