Define Clear Learning Outcomes

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Considerations for Learning Activities

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Designing meaningful learning experiences begins with well-defined learning outcomes that specify what learners should be able to do after an activity or at the end of a course. This means beginning a learning experience with an end in mind by aligning your learning activities and assessments with the learning outcomes.



Here’s how to write good learning outcomes.


As Easy as ABCD


Use the ABCD format to make sure that your learning outcomes are specific and measurable. 


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Watch to learn more about the ABCD of learning outcomes.


Learning Outcome ABCD

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Use Verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy classifies learning outcomes into varying levels of complexity. When writing learning outcomes, you may refer to it for the appropriate verbs to describe behaviours that learners are expected to exhibit to demonstrate their competencies.


Bloom's Taxonomy

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There are 3 domains of learning outcomes, namely cognitive, psychomotor, and affective. CSC's training programmes are usually designed with learning outcomes in the cognitive domain. Watch this video to find out more about this domain. 


Bloom's Taxonomy: Structuring the Learning Journey

Bloom's Taxonomy video

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Check that Learning Outcomes are SMART


The SMART test complements the ABCD format to ensure that learning outcomes are realistic and achievable. Here's what a SMART learning outcome looks like.


Learning Outcomes - SMART

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