Define Clear Learning Outcomes

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Select Learning Modalities

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Considerations for Learning Activities

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Once your learning outcomes are set, consider the questions in this decision-making tree to decide if learning will happen in the classroom or online, and whether it will be in a synchronous or an asynchronous setting.


2. Decide Delivery Mode for Learning Outcomes

Adapted from Blended Learning Design Job Aid by LXD Team, IPAM.


Are you able to test the learners online?


If your answer is yes, then the learning experience can be delivered online. This applies to learning content in the cognitive domain. Knowledge and skills that cannot be tested online include practical hands-on applications like driving a vehicle or performing a surgical procedure.


Would collaboration enhance learning?


Higher order learning outcomes that sport verbs such as ‘discuss’ or ‘create’ can be achieved via collaborative learning where participants construct knowledge together. This needs to be done in synchronous learning where participants learn at the same pace in a live session.


If learning outcomes can be achieved by participants learning at their own time and pace, learning can happen in an asynchronous mode such as a self-paced e-learning module.