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Work at CSC, where your talents will be nurtured, where you will be encouraged and supported to constantly innovate, and where your learning and growth take centre stage. Just as our fellow public officers take care of our citizens’ needs, you'll be trusted to take care of our public officers’ learning needs, and enable them to better serve our citizens.

Reach Your Potential

Be Innovative, Inspiring and Impactful

From new learning methods to integrating technology in everything that we do, we actively encourage experimentation and innovation. And we don’t just innovate for the sake of it. We inspire our fellow public officers to go beyond and make a real difference to the lives of our citizens.

Build on Your Strengths

We believe everyone has unique talents and their own ways to contribute. You'll have opportunities to take on challenging and meaningful work.  Not only will you learn by doing, you will also make a tangible impact on the work of our fellow public officers.

Keep Learning and Exploring

Learning and development is at the heart of what we do – that extends to our people, too. You will be encouraged to continually develop yourself so you can fulfil your potential and be at your best.

Help & Support Each Other

At CSC, teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect are key. You'll be trusted to take ownership of your work and always do your best – all with the support of colleagues you'll be proud to work with.

What We Do

No matter what your strengths and career aspirations are, at CSC, you can always find a way to contribute and value-add. 

Learning Design & Programme Development

Push the boundaries with new learning methodologies and practices. Design, develop and deliver learning that is innovative, impactful and inspiring.


Support agencies in their innovation and organisational transformation journeys, and help them embrace change.


Dive deep into key domain areas and emerging disciplines to conduct impactful research that influences policymaking at all levels.

International Collaborations

Build strategic partnerships with the global community.

Digital Learning & Applied Simulations

Embrace the future by leveraging the power of digital technologies and simulations.


Create content that delights, fascinates, and educates.

Customer Excellence

Develop partnerships with public agencies, build our customer intelligence capabilities, and most of all, deliver a great customer experience.

Corporate Development

Keep our operations running smoothly by managing our programme administration, financial, and estate matters well.

Human Resource

Cultivate engaged, committed and talented people and make CSC a great place to work.

Strategic Planning

Support whole-of-College efforts in meeting strategic priorities and goals.

InfoComm Technology

Develop technical infrastructure and harness digital technology to boost business efficiency.

Internal Audit

Ensure the right controls are in place so that work is done correctly and efficiently.

We're Hiring!

If you have what it takes, we'd love to hear from you.

Check out our current job openings by clicking the button below, and set the "agency" filter to Civil Service College.

Don't see anything that might be a good fit right now?

Please send your resume to and tell us more about yourself, including what you are good at, where you aspire to contribute, etc. We'll contact you if a suitable position opens up.

Become an Associate Trainer

As our partner, you'll grow your own practice and gain unparalleled exposure to diverse participants from across the Public Service. Learn more


As the nexus of learning for the Singapore Public Service, interning at CSC will help you to learn more about how the Public Service operates, and understand why we do what we do. With a diverse range of areas and roles, as well as opportunities for valuable hands-on experience through meaningful and impactful projects, you will be able to develop your potential at CSC.


Send your resume to, indicating your strengths, career aspirations and availability.