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A fresh and immersive learning experience, anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

At CSC, every single detail in our programmes is carefully crafted and meticulously designed to deliver a seamless and integrated learning experience just for you.

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What would you like to learn? From data analytics and customer insights to leadership and personal development, we've got you covered.

Why Learn with CSC?

Contextualised and Customised for You

Our programmes are designed by practitioners, for practitioners. This means we tailor your learning experience, not only to fit the Public Service context, but to meet your specific needs as well. So what you’ll learn is relevant and applicable to your work.

Everything You’ll Ever Need, All in One Place

Get specialised training in your domain, or pick up essential soft skills such as effective communication. With more than 400 programmes offered each year across 22 domains, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and take that next important step in your professional development.


Learn It Your Way


We understand that everyone approaches learning differently. That's why we offer diverse, customisable ways to learn. Whether you prefer a traditional, classroom-based learning experience, thrive in an innovative virtual classroom, or want to learn on the go with bite-sized learning, with CSC, you’ll have the flexibility to learn it your way. 


Create Lasting Connections & Build Meaningful Relationships

The true value of learning at CSC isn’t merely in the knowledge and skills you gain. It's also in the strong, long-lasting bonds you create with fellow public officers. They will become a valuable network and source of support should you ever need advice or guidance in your work.

Your Learning Partner

No matter who you are, where you work or what you do as a public officer, we’ll be here for you. We’ll always put your learning needs first, and find the best way to help you realise your potential. 



Foundation Programmes

If you’re new to a role or function, our foundation programmes will help you master the basics, expand your knowledge and create a shared understanding with peers across the public service.

Milestone Programmes

As you transit into a management role, our milestone programmes will help you develop your leadership capabilities and prepare you to meet new challenges. With an overseas component often built in, you can learn from other governments, interact with foreign public officers and build your network.

Competency-driven Growth

Choose targeted training and development identified in Our Core Competencies, Functional Competencies or Leadership Competencies.

"It was a very dynamic course. There was never a moment I was not engaged. "

Audrey Tan, Deputy Director, MSF and EMLP Alumni

"The DDE has a rich and thoughtfully curated curriculum which clearly benefited from many decades of training public service leaders. The classes and speakers invited were all very effective in delivering the class objectives. "

1st DDE participant

"Very good programme content that helps us with the different aspects of leadership in the service. From the head to the heart, to our 'hands' and how we can operationalise things. "

2nd DDE participant

"I feel that I have grown in many aspects and one of them is my capability as a leader. My social and professional networks have also expanded because I have gotten to know many people who are willing to share their experiences and provide advice towards my personal growth. "

Izad Ghalid, Manager, Temasek Polytechnic and LTLP Alumni


In-house Programmes

If you need onsite or customised training, we can conduct programmes just for officers from your agency. Find out more about our in-house programmes.

Programmes for International Delegates

We offer customised, high-quality training and consultancy services for international organisations and governments worldwide. To find out more, email us at cscollege@cscollege.gov.sg.


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Check out our support topics on registering for programmes.